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Foster of the Month- January

Anyone who knows anything about dog rescue organizations knows there is a network of very generous and dedicated people behind the scenes who open up their hearts and homes to dogs that otherwise would have no place to go. You could almost call it an underground railroad for rescued dogs. While these loveable bundles of fur await their forever homes, they get to spend time with a family in a home enjoying some well-deserved love and attention, rather than in a cold, lifeless kennel… or worse yet, a gas chamber. Everyone who fosters deserves an award for the work they do! But we are honoring one foster each month for going above-and-beyond the call of duty.

January’s award goes to Christine Hammond, otherwise known as The Dog Whisperer. Christine is the trainer and behavior specialist at Camp Bow Wow in Bellingham, Mass.
When Elizabeth Zaccarro, Big Fluffy Dog Rescue’s (BFDR) president, sent a group email asking people to talk about why they voted for Christine, the overwhelming response was, “TRACER!” When BFDR took in Tracer, he was a terror of a little corgi. He bounced around from foster home to foster home and was so aggressive that he just couldn’t get along with the cats and other dogs living with the families that tried to help him. So Tracer ended up living in a boarding kennel for five-months where his bad behavior only worsened. Tracer waited in that kennel for his knight in shining armor… someone who could help transform him. He found that someone in 24-year-old Christine Hammond of Providence, R.I.
Pictured with Buddy, who was adopted on Sunday!

Christine took tracer on a trial basis at first, but quickly decided she could take him on as a full-fledged foster dog and their journey began. After one week in Christine’s home, she says Tracer was wonderful with one of her dogs. After two weeks, he was totally adjusted to both of Christine’s dogs. And Christine says that after three weeks, she didn’t have to worry about him at all anymore. Christine literally saved Tracer’s life. Her hard work and patience paid off when Tracer was adopted by his new family. The little corgi that some feared might be unadoptable had finally found his forever home thanks to Christine Hammond!

But Christine isn’t stopping with Tracer. While she already has fostered six BFDR dogs since last October, this professional dog trainer has agreed to take on more complicated cases like Tracer in the future. She says, “I enjoy every moment I have with the dogs. Dogs are kind of my calling … Each one of them made our lives better.” She also decided to offer free telephone and email consultations for current BFDR fosters, as well as discounted training after her experience with Tracer. And if you are one of the lucky people who shares your life with a BFDR dog permanently, Christine will offer you a discounted rate for telephone consultations and a discounted spot in her basic obedience class.
After all of this, Christine still says she hasn’t done as much as she’d like to and was surprised to win the Foster of the Month award. “I was really flattered… I feel very humble. At first I was speechless and I still don’t really know exactly what to say because I don’t feel like I’ve really done anything spectacular… and I feel I can offer more.”

Christine says BFDR fans should try fostering a dog at least once. She says fostering isn’t always easy, but it’s the best shot the rescued dogs have at a good life. “It’s a wonderful experience. It’s great to be able to remember each dog and the people that you sent them home with… it does wonders for you emotionally, as long as you can handle the disconnect at the end. I enjoy providing a home for these dogs.”

Wine Contest Voting is Open!

Wine Label Contest Voting is OPEN! The contest will run through 1/16/13 at 11:59 EST. The top TWO Chipins ($ amount) by this date will win and get their picture on every bottle of a single variety of Big Fluffy Dog Wine and you can choose your variety! You can vote with as little as $1 and the link for the ChipIn is UNDER the picture.

The wine will be available for purchase starting in February.

Vote for Major: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-major

Vote for Pringles: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-pringles

perkins fam
Vote for The Perkins Family: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-perkins-family

Vote for The Blackburn Family: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-blackburn-family

Vote for Daisy Mae: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-daisy-mae

Vote for Jack: http://bigfluffydogs.chipin.com/wine-label-jack

Hamster in a cast

Just for fun, this is Coco the hamster. Currently NOT in rescue with Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. This little guy got his cast for a broken leg courtesy of our friend and favorite vet Dr. Herd at Animal House Vet Clinic in Nashville. Awesome work Dr. Herd. Bring your tiny pen to sign his cast.



The Fourth Dog of Christmas: Kendrick

Kendrick is a happily-ever-after in the making, and who doesn’t need some good news on Christmas?

This is Kendrick before:

kendrick 2

This is Kendrick today:


Kendrick came out of a horrific hoarding case in Appalachian Kentucky and he still has a way to go, but he is nearly there. He has a spring in his step and he loves his foster family. He is ready for a forever home, but he needs one that will be patient with him and help him feel safe and sound. He will never be a life of the party dog, but he will be a loyal and wonderful pet. A special shout out is due to his amazing foster family and especially his Mom, Karen Disney. Karen quietly paid for his eye surgeries without even letting on. We are grateful for her and happy that Kendrick has had such an awesome home. Karen, you rock! Anyone interested in adopting this boy can email katia@bigfluffydogs.com.

The third dog of Christmas: William


William came to us on Saturday, December 15. He wandered up to a trailer in very rural Tennessee. He was emaciated, bleeding and as you can see, a complete wreck. The homeowner called a bunny rescue who called us (*thanks Laurie). We took him in immediately. William weighs 40 pounds and at 8 months old, should weigh 20-30 pounds more, but his growth has been stunted by malnutrition. William needs a foster and sponsors for his care as he is what we call a project dog. This dog is currently in Nashville and he needs a foster home to help him get healthy. He is very friendly and even in this condition wants to give you kisses. If you can foster William, please email erin@bigfluffydogs.com. If you would like to help sponsor his care, you can donate here: http://bigfluffydogs.com/pay-online.php. William says Merry Christmas and peace out.

The Second Dog of Christmas: Tracer needs a forever home


All Tracer wants for Christmas is a home. Tracer is a 15 month old corgi collie mix who came to us this past summer. Tracer has had an incredibly long odyssey. He was abandoned by his first rescue who could not handle him. Initially, he was so freaked out that he could not tolerate any dogs as he felt he was under attack as the result of what initially happened to him in his first home before rescue ever entered the picture. And so he languished in boarding for many months as no one had a dog-free home. A wonderful dog trainer took him on and with a little work, he was happily playing with her dogs. Tracer is a very happy dog who just needs a home. He is great with all other people and he can be good with other dogs, although he will never be OK with cats. He is a mid-sized low-rider bundle of puppy happiness who wants to give kisses. If you can give this dog a forever home, please email jillian@bigfluffydogs.com. He deserves his own home and we very much hope he will be home for the holidays.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: Amadeus the poodle Great Pyrenees, the first day dog in need

This is Amadeus. At one year old, he is a beautiful, sweet and frankly dorky boy. He loves cats, other dogs and he likes to tip his food bowl sideways so he can eat off the floor.   He is a wonderful dog. Who could possibly want to hurt him? Good question (and in a less than holiday spirit we would like to introduce them to the business end of a baseball bat), but someone shot this poor boy in the shoulder with a rifle some time ago and his shoulder is shattered. The orthopedic surgeons said it cannot be fixed. This coming Wednesday before Christmas, Amadeus is going to become a tripod dog.  Not much of a gift, but we want him to be pain free and he is suffering at the moment. If you would like to sponsor this first day of Christmas Dog, you can donate here: http://bigfluffydogs.com/pay-online.php.  Thank you as always and Amadeus says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and peace on Earth to men AND dogs. 



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