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Ridiculous cuteness: Lily is up for adoption now

Lily is adorable

Meet Lily, who is a lab mix puppy about 10 weeks old now. She has the faintest brown spot over her left eye which looks like dirt, but which is actually her fur. We suspect she has some basset in her ancestry as her legs are just on the short side of stumpy. Lily is friendly, sweet, active and will not be large. I would be surprised if she weighs much over 35 pounds as as an adult as she weighs 6 pounds right now. She is heading to New England so email jessica@bigfluffydogs.com if you are interested in her.


Lily smiles

Toby the Saint Bernard and heat stroke: a cautionary tale

Toby is a true giant, slow, big and lumbering and he is one of the breeds at risk of heat stroke

Last week, in the midst of record heat, the largest dog we have had in rescue landed himself in the hospital. The cause? Heat stroke. Toby wasn’t left outside unattended, he wasn’t engaged in serious exercise and he wasn’t in the sun. How did this happen? The answer is that giant dogs with lots of fur plus high heat = recipe for heat stroke, even just lying around in the shade.

Your first clue that a dog is suffering the effects of the heat is extreme panting. As his body temperature rises, he will exhibit other symptoms which get progressively worse: pale gums and a red swollen tongue, disorientation, vomiting, rapid heart rate, breathing difficulties, collapse, coma and finally death. Once your dog is in the rapid panting stage, you need to get him cool immediately. Cool wet towels are a great start. If you cannot get him cool enough, get him to the vet ASAP. Do not wait. Once the body temperature gets to 105, organ damage starts. It takes very little time for the damage to begin.

Toby is lucky. He spent a week on IV fluids getting his electrolytes back and the damage to his liver is not permanent. His bill for his vet care is a not insubstantial $1800.

If you would like to help BFDR defray their expenses with this poor boy, you can donate by clicking here (you can use credit cards or scroll down the page for Paypal). We can use all the help we can get as this was one expense we weren’t counting on. Toby is on the mend and will make a full recovery so we can all breathe a sigh of relief. As the summer goes on, please keep an eye on your pets and make sure your big fluffies stay nice and cool.

Austin the German Shepherd puppy is ready for a home

Austin’s ears are still kind of floppy

Meet Austin, a not quite six month old male German Shepherd mix puppy. We are assuming mix, but we don’t know if he is or not. Austin came to us with a dog who was alleged to be a Landseer Newfoundland and turned out to be a border collie. The shelter told us Austin and his kennel mate were “huge”. On arrival, Austin weighed 32 pounds and turned out to be a baby. This boy is very friendly, very sweet dog and he is active, inquisitive, friendly and all puppy. He is good with other dogs, cats and kids. If you are interested, email lizb@bigfluffydogs.com. He is in New England.


Foster Favorites: A Shout Out to the Awesome Dana Alan

Lacking an actual picture of the awesome Dana, this stick figure will have to do

Meet Dana, who is an actual person, and not a stick figure. Dana is a foster for Big Fluffy Dog Rescue. She has opened her home to many dogs and helped them find their forever homes.  Dana is not easily fazed and she has done an awesome job with every dog she’s had. We think we should all take time to give Dana a shout out for her work. Thanks Dana!


Hershey, Maggie and Gordon

PS  Big Fluffy Dog Rescue thinks your awesome, too.

Gordon says thank you

Joseph needs a Tennessee foster home

Speckled ewok or fluffy dog? You make the call.

Meet Joseph, a young male blue heeler/keeshond mix (or alternately, the rare speckled Ewok). Joseph is a charmer and he loves everyone and everything. Joseph needs a sponsor for his heartworm treatment (we will have to spend $300), but he really needs a quiet foster home for after his treatment. He is only lightly positive so we are not expecting any complications, and he will only need to be kept quiet for about 10 days or so. If you are interested in fostering Joseph, please email jean@bigfluffydogs.com. If you are interested in sponsoring part of Joseph’s treatment, you can donate here (credit card or paypal). We are a 501c3 and all gifts are tax deductible. The fluffies of the world thank you.

Ridiculous cuteness: Floyd and Zoe

Meet Floyd and Zoe. These adorable little border collie/Great Pyrenees puppies are just shy of 13 weeks old now and weigh in at an impressive 35 pounds. These will be big dogs as adults and they are smart, lazy and friendly dogs. They are now up for adoption in New England. If you’re interested, email elizabeth@bigfluffydogs.com.

Floyd is 35 pounds of puppy cuteness

Zoe is all kinds of adorable

The big and the little: Meet Freya and Dolly

First up, Freya, a four-year old Leonberger mix.

Big, fluffy and gorgeous

She’s wonderful and she’s available for adoption. But she comes with luggage:

This is Dolly, nine years old and totally devoted to Freya:

Yo Quiero Mi Amiga Freya


Just for fun: Crosby, an honorary Big Fluffy Dog alum

Meet Crosby who was adopted from us as an honorary big fluffy dog. This video is the heart of why we do rescue.

For an unwanted boy from rural Tennessee, you did well for yourself Crosby. This makes us smile.

Maggie the Great Pyrenees is looking for a home

Maggie is always smiling

Meet Maggie. Maggie is a 3 year old female Great Pyrenees who originally came to rescue as a puppy. Miss Maggie was injured as a baby when she jumped out of the back of a truck on an interstate and shattered her back leg. She came to us from the vet where the owners surrendered her when they could not afford her care. We tried to fix Maggie’s leg with plates and pins, but in the end, we had to amputate. Maggie went to a home and all was well until her people divorced and she found herself in a very big city in a tiny apartment. Maggie was surrendered back to rescue and she was very sad for a while. She is happy again and she is again ready for a permanent home. Maggie is a great dog. She plays well with other dogs, is fine with cats and is impeccable in the house. She has been fine with every child we have ever had her with. Maggie is a Great Pyrenees and does Great Pyrenees things, like pretending she has no idea what you want when you tell her it’s time to come inside. She also will bark outside. Maggie is an absolutely wonderful dog. She requires a home with a fenced yard for exercise as long walks are not in her future with that missing back leg. She gets around just fine, but she will never win a track and field event, unless it’s the three-legged race. :-) If you are interested in Maggie, please email jean@bigfluffydogs.com.

Maggie at the dog park

And just so you can see how cute she was as a baby, Maggie in 2008:

Another honorary fluffy: Snickers is looking for a home

Snickers the beagle mix needs a home

Snickers belongs to a Tennessee rescue that has had him in a foster home for months with no one ever coming to see him. They asked us to take Snickers and help find him a home. Snickers is clearly a beagle mix and on the small side at around 25-30 pounds. Snickers does well with everyone and everything and he is especially good with kids. The vet told the rescue this dog was 2 years old but we think more likely he is upwards of 5. He is calm, well-mannered and such a nice little guy. He will be in New England the weekend of July 23. If you are interested in fostering or adopting Snickers, please email elizabeth@bigfluffydogs.com.

Honorary fluffy alert: Freddie the aussie/corgi is ready for his home

Ridiculously cute

Meet Freddie, a one year old aussie/Welsh corgi mix. Yes, that’s one mix you won’t and probably shouldn’t see every day. Freddie is active, friendly and bouncy and he loves to play.   is good with other dogs, cats and kids. He is learning to be a good boy inside and he is very quick to learn. This is a great dog. He will be in New England the weekend of the 23rd.

Toby the mammoth Saint Bernard is ready for his home

Toby is looking for his home

Meet Toby, who is big enough to be a shetland pony. Toby is 5 years old and weighs in at 180 pounds. Toby is a sweet, gentle mellow boy who loves everyone and everything. Saints aren’t for everyone (this one drools a lot of course), but he is perfect for the lovers of the true giants. If you are interested in adopting Toby, email jean@bigfluffydogs.com or leave a comment.


Murdock the blind boxer needs a home

We don’t rescue boxers, nor do we rescue blind dogs typically. But there’s just something about Murdock.

Murdock was rescued by a good Samaritan who found him unconscious on the side of a highway. He had been hit by a car and left for dead. He recovered from everything, except he is now blind as the result of the blunt force trauma. Murdock is 2 and a beautiful male purebred boxer. He is so friendly and sweet. He is a classic boxer – all wiggly and playful. He is unsure of himself now as the result of his inability to see and other dogs coming at him scare him. He deserves a home and we want to see him find a perfect home. We will place him anywhere from Tennessee to Maine. If you are interested in this dog, please email jean@bigfluffydogs.com.

Tornado puppies need a New England foster or forever home



Danielle needs a home


Drake needs a home too



Dorothy needs a home also


Meet honorary fluffy Belle

This is the definition of 'honorary big fluffy'

Meet Belle, who came to rescue with her kennelmate Jeb, who is a 120 pound Great Pyrenees. You can’t leave one behind and Belle became an honorary big fluffy. She’s looking for a foster home in New England. She is housebroken, she does well with others and she is a hamster-sized dog by our standards at 20 pounds. Breed is a guess, but we’re going with lab/chihuahua/basset. Go figure. If you’re interested, let Elizabeth@bigfluffydogs.com know.

Case the aussie is up for adoption

Case is a survivor of the Alabama tornadoes

Meet Case, an 18 month old blue merle Australian shepherd. He is gorgeous, friendly, playful and does well with others. This dog is ready to go home, so if you’re interested, email jean@bigfluffydogs.com or leave a comment.


Case is drop dead gorgeous

Bailey the border collie/lab is ready to go home now

Bailey is a 2 year old male border collie/lab mix who is absolutely wonderful. Bailey is a typical border collie – active, smart and devoted to his people. Did we mention that he is smart? This dog needs to go to a home who loves border collies and understands the breed. This is not a dog for a family with very small children unless you want them herded in to the corner. Bailey is good with other dogs. He would love to go to a home with an active family that likes to go for hikes and swimming  at the beach. This is an amazingly smart, happy dog who just happens to practice sad looks in the mirror. Bailey is in New England.

Just for fun: Synchronized staring

A new Olympic sport just for dogs – synchronized staring.

Sometimes, what that other dog is eating is extremely interesting and requires intense concentration.

Being in sync with your staring partner is critical:

The angles, the symmetry, the faked look of total disinterest in Zoe's food bowl - perfect form.

Definitely a gold medal.

Mystery cuteness: Selena is ready for a home

What is she?

Meet Selena. She was purported to be a Great Pyrenees mix puppy by the shelter she came from. At 25 pounds and nine months of age, we don’t think so. Best guess: American Eskimo/blue heeler. Selena is a very wonderful dog. She loves other dogs, kids and cats and she is well-mannered in the house. She does love a tasty shoe, but with some maturity, she’ll put her shoe-killing ways behind her. This is a small dog, nearly hamster-sized by our standards, and she is active, friendly and outgoing. Joggers and hikers: this is an excellent choice. Email elizabeth@bigfluffydogs.com or post a comment if you are interested. They broke the mold after they made her.

Blue heeler/American Eskimo/harp seal? it's anyone's guess.

Walter needs a foster home in New England

Walter is looking for a foster home

Walter is a 5 year old English bulldog/boxer mix.  This sweet little guy has a mug that only a mother could love (it’s all smushed flat like his Mom the English bulldog), but he is adorable. Walter was turned in to a shelter and the staff fell in love and begged us to take him, and although he is neither big nor fluffy, we could not help but love him. Walter is great with people and with dogs (except chihuahuas that try to bite him). He is a good sized dog and pretty hefty at around 65 pounds. Walter’s Dad was a boxer and he has the body of the boxer. This is a great dog for those who love English bulldogs, but don’t want the back and skin problems. He is wonderful.



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