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The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: Amadeus the poodle Great Pyrenees, the first day dog in need

This is Amadeus. At one year old, he is a beautiful, sweet and frankly dorky boy. He loves cats, other dogs and he likes to tip his food bowl sideways so he can eat off the floor.   He is a wonderful dog. Who could possibly want to hurt him? Good question (and in a less than holiday spirit we would like to introduce them to the business end of a baseball bat), but someone shot this poor boy in the shoulder with a rifle some time ago and his shoulder is shattered. The orthopedic surgeons said it cannot be fixed. This coming Wednesday before Christmas, Amadeus is going to become a tripod dog.  Not much of a gift, but we want him to be pain free and he is suffering at the moment. If you would like to sponsor this first day of Christmas Dog, you can donate here:  Thank you as always and Amadeus says Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and peace on Earth to men AND dogs. 


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