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Say a prayer for Sarah

Sarah is hanging onto life by a thread

Once in a while in rescue, you get thrown a curveball. Sarah is a young, happy and healthy dog who happened to have a mild case of heartworms. We’ve had lots of these dogs in rescue and all have done just fine. She was treated two weeks ago with the standard immiticide treatment which is essentially arsenic. The treatment is every bit as bad as it sounds and it is expensive too.

Yesterday, Sarah collapsed. She is running a fever of 106, she is suffering from pancreatitis and kidney failure and we do not know if she will survive. Her foster Dad Chris has done everything he can to help her and now it is completely out of our hands as to whether we can save her. This is breaking our hearts, mine in particular, because Sarah was my personal foster, too. I love this funny, quirky little girl and I want more than anything for her to get better. If you have a reason to say a silent prayer or wish upon the wind for something, think good thoughts about Sarah. The world would be a darker place without her in it.

She is at the vet in Maine and they are doing what they can to save her. I know someone will ask, and if anyone wants to donate directly for her hospitalization, you can donate here: http://bigfluffydogs.com/pay-online.php (just note it is for Sarah) or you can call the vet, too at 207-846-6515.

Sarah's special skill: balancing the food bowl, just because she can.


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