Amelia the senior service dog needs a home

UPDATE:  Amelia is safe and sound in a foster home in Nashville, TN. Many people have asked what her service was. Based on her behavior, we believe her to be a weight-bearing service dog. She is a chunky girl at nearly 80 pounds. We do not know if she was placed by an agency or which one, unfortunately.  She is not a candidate for any further service work as she has significant arthritis in her back end and she is deaf. She is not yet adopted, so if you are interested, please click on the how do I adopt a dog link and fill out the application.  Thank you to everyone for the cross-posting.
Amelia is in need of a home
Meet Amelia. Amelia is an 11 year old female lab mix that served her entire life as a service dog. She is alive now only because a vet contacted us. Amelia’s owners took her in to be euthanized because, as a service dog, her usefulness was over because she could no longer handle their weight. The vet was outraged as were we. Amelia is a happy, sassy and spunky dog who still loves to play. She is exceptionally obedient and just an amazing dog. She does have some arthritis, but the vet was not overly concerned. She is otherwise in good condition and will make a nice pet for some very wonderful and lucky family.  She is currently in Tennessee.

28 thoughts on “Amelia the senior service dog needs a home

  1. I understand this baby needs a ride to its new home. What are the specifics? I may be able to find someone that can help. Please let me know where in TN she is and where she needs to go. Also let me know when this needs to happen. Thanks!

  2. how ungrateful tht poor baby hope someone adopts her asap she must wonder what happened for them to stop loving her. THANK GOODNESS SHE DOESNT REALIZE THEY USED HER AND THREW HER AWAY. POOR FLUFFY MY PRAYERS ARE WITH HER

  3. I am sending this to all my contacts.. I hope this darling girl can find a home soon !! We adopted a senior Guide Dog many years ago and was able to give her 8 months of joy and freedom from work but we lost her to strokes. 😦

    What kind of service dog was Amelia?


    1. We do not know what her service was exactly, but based on her behavior, we think she was used as a weight-bearing service dog. She is s sturdy dog weighing in around 80 pounds. Thank you for making a home for a senior service dog. She is in foster right now, and we are working on a forever home. Crossing my fingers. 🙂

  4. She would be perfect for my grandmother! We are looking for a companion for her. Only issues- we are in Eastern, NC and could not adopt until June 6. Is there any possibility we could help?

  5. Saw about Amelia on FB. I will see a guy today (Sunday) who has a service dog & just retired his older one. I can check with him about options for this baby, if she is still in need. If someone can contact me by email with info, that will be great!

  6. From the posting, I am unable to tell what kind of service dog she was. I just hope that the wonderful people who saved her, also contacted any agencies that this family may apply to for a new dog and told them of this familys unacceptable actions. If not, I will make it my personal mission to do so, if you provide me with the information.
    Many people spend numerous hours, training these dogs from puppies in order to make people with disabilities lifes easier. Many for free! And with the understanding that these guys will be treated with love and respect.
    Words cannot express what I feel should happen to the previous owners of this sweetheart. I just wish I had their names!

    1. Angela, if the vet would divulge that info, I’d be the first one at their front door for a little ‘talk’. We do not know who the agency was and there’s just no way to know. It breaks my heart that she gave years of service (we believe she was a weight-bearing dog based on some behaviors she exhibits) and they thought so little of her.

  7. Is she still in need of a home or foster home? The comments above suggest that she’s been adopted and more in need of transport. Any updates?

  8. I am looking into a possible home for her as I see many others are…don’t worry…Please keep updates posted so we know how she is doing. Best Wishes Amelia

  9. God bless her and God bless the vet who refused to put her to sleep. She deserves a nice retirement where her only responsibility is to love and be loved. Will be praying for you baby girl!

  10. I want to chime in on the wonders of adopting a senior. We took in a foster that was surrendered by his person after ten years, she had him since he was a pup. He arrived unkempt, unwell, and scared of his new environment. It was very apparent that his severe hip dysplasia had been ignored and most likely the reason for him to be abandoned. But after a bath and grooming, a daily dose of Rimadyl, and some reassurance, he emerged to be an absolutely wonderful companion. He stayed with us for four years until the end of his life. He also emerged to be a true alpha of all of our young fosters, guiding them, correcting them, and being a model leader. I hate seeing seniors discarded, they still have so much to offer, and am sharing his story in the Kansas City area. I’m sure someone with a huge heart will take him.

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