Aiden 0, Car 1

Meet Aiden.

Aiden is heading to surgery

Aiden is a six month old male Great Pyrenees who was found lying behind a liquor store in a small town in Tennessee, injured and dazed. Aiden was matted to the skin, emaciated, crawling with ticks and unable to stand.  This is a town without an animal control facility (the sheriff just shoots them if he has to), and fortunately, a Good Samaritan was able to reach us and we found a vet to get him into immediately.

Aiden’s x-rays don’t look so good:

Aiden has a fractured pelvis and has to have surgery to make him well. Currently, he is underweight at 50 pounds and cannot stand on his own. He is in a tremendous amount of pain and the surgery will help heal the break. The estimate for his care is around $1200 which is a deal. We are fundraising to cover this so we don’t have to pass up other dogs because we blew our budget with this sweet boy. If you would like to donate, you can do so here:

For credit card, just type the name “Aiden” in the company name line so we know it’s for him and if by paypal, just write us a note in the comments box that says “Aiden”. We as always appreciate everyone’s generosity.

Aiden is also going to need a foster in the Nashville TN area for follow-up care. He will have to have cage rest and medicine for a few weeks and we need a foster home without more than a stair or two where he can stay. He is otherwise quite healthy and very sweet. If you can help foster him, please email

5 thoughts on “Aiden 0, Car 1

  1. Has Aiden had his surgery as of 4/27? If so may I inquire how he is doing and if you have found him a foster or forever home~

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